In 1987, the first ever Japanese restaurant in Oakville was opened by Motoaki Aoki. Through his efforts, the town of Oakville was given its first ever taste of the land of the rising sun. To this day, Mye Japanese Restaurant is a celebrated mainstay for Japanese cuisine in Oakville.

Mye’s appetizers are not to be missed. If you’re in the mood for something crunchy, their shrimp tempura is as crisp on the outside as it is tender on the inside, and their chicken karaage is fried to perfection. The soft-shell crab with ponzu sauce is the standout fried option.


Naturally, the highlight of Mye’s menu is its sushi. They offer freshly prepared Tuna, Salmon, Fluke, Sea Bass, and Mackerel Sashimi for their customers. If you’re not into the raw stuff, Mye also prepares rolls. Some good choices include the dynamite, green dragon, and futomaki rolls. Be sure to try the ‘Oh Mye!’ lobster roll filled with avocado, fish roe, and lobster and wrapped in a special pink seaweed.

Noodles are an important part of any Japanese menu, and Mye surely doesn’t disappoint. Their ramen is served with a flavourful broth, bok choy, egg, seaweed, and delicious braised pork belly. If you’re looking for homemade, authentic Japanese ramen, this is a delicious option. However, Ramen aren’t the only noodles on offer. Mye also serves delicious thick Udon noodles and thin Soba dipping noodles. All three have their own tastes and are equally delicious, so try them out to see which one you like.

Mye also offers a more traditional Japanese dinner plate, which generally consists of a bowl of rice with a plate of meat and vegetables. Of course, Mye serves up Japanese tradition to the utmost quality. The image below is their Yakiniku (barbecued beef), steamed veggies with Kewpie mayo dip, and a bowl of steamed rice.

360 Dundas St E, Oakville, ON L6H 6Z9

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