Poop Café

Poop Café


The Poop Café is one of the more interesting cafés in Oakville, and it won’t take you long to figure out why.

Every bowl, cup, and plate is a toilet with some kind of poop-shaped dessert inside. This café’s theme allows for some hysterically creative menu items. For example, a portion of their menu is titled ‘Hot Shit’. These are coffees, lattes and teas put in a toilet shaped mug. It may look strange, but you’ll find that these drinks are delicious once you gather the courage to take a sip.

Vietnamese Coffee, Japanese Milk Tea, and Iced Coffee

Poop Café’s milkshakes are called ‘Poopshakes’. Don’t worry, there’s no special ingredient in it. They have a dozen different flavours including Oreo, Black Sesame, and Green Tea.

A proud employee pointing to their Poopshakes



The ‘DooDoo Waffle’ is made in a special Hong Kong style, which means it’s warm, soft, and melts in your mouth. You could also get the traditional Hong Kong waffle without the doodoo shape, but that’s just not as fun.

Poop Café also has boba tea! They have a wide array of Milk Tea and Fruit Tea options. Below is an image of their delicious Strawberry Matcha Latte.

Visit the Poop Café, located in the heart of Kerr Village!

278 Kerr St, Oakville, ON L6K 3B3

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