STACK Smmmoked

STACK Smmmoked


STACK’S authentic and meticulous method begins with only the best fresh-never-frozen meat. Their pitmasters season, rub, and then cook the meat over low heat. The sweet smoke from the Texas smoker fills the meat – whether it be beef, pork, or chicken – with unique Texas tenderness and taste. Homemade and made from scratch, guests love their salads, tacos, sausages, burgers, and unique collections of craft beer. Buttermilk fried chicken, ribs and brisket, apple slaw, baked beans, and mac n’ cheese, are just some of the features on their menu. From pit to table, it all tastes slow good. 

STACK has a passion for BBQ. Texas BBQ, to be exact. Their smoker/pit is built in Mesquite, Texas (hence why it’s called a Texas smoker) and is designed to cook food without a flame – only heat and smoke. The hardwood fire generates a smoky heat, slow cooking meat (over 12 hours) with a sweet and smoky flavour. STACK has learned the art and science of craft BBQ by studying some of the most incredible pitmasters throughout the United States. And now, you can enjoy their tried-and-true techniques in Oakville. 

240 Leighland Ave Unit 235 A, Oakville, ON L6H 3H6

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