The Perfect Gingerbread House

The Perfect Gingerbread House

When it comes to Christmas holiday traditions, making and decorating gingerbread houses is a staple tradition in many homes. This holiday season, MollyCake shared the following tips and tricks to decorate the perfect gingerbread house that your family is sure to be proud of!

Keeping It Simple

Buy a quality kit. If the house will be eaten, make sure it’s good quality. Small, local bakeries may be a bit more of an investment, but it’s usually worth it ten-fold when you take your first bite.

Buy more candy than you think you’ll need.
One for the house, one for the tummy …

Cover the table with a disposable tablecloth
for easy clean up.

Have a blast!


Show Off A Little

Get the kit ‘FLAT’, as in, not already assembled.

If you want windows that are not already there, place the cookie panels in the oven on low for several minutes until soft. Remove and carefully cut out the windows as you wish while still warm. Enjoy the window cut out pieces while you wait for the panels to cool to decorate.

Ensure you have 2 consistencies of Royal Icing, building (holds its shape firmly but is still stir-able) and decorating (slightly thinner, but still holds its shape and is pipe-able without running or dripping). Add icing sugar or water, in tiny amounts at a time, to reach desired consistency.

Do not fill your piping bag more than 1/3 full (the rest should be set aside with a damp cloth over the bowl) – you’ll have more control. Cut a small hole in your piping bag, then cut it bigger for assembling.

Decorate the house panels flat, you have more control that way and can place your candy however you like.

Have patience! Let the front, side and roof panels dry thoroughly before assembling the house.


Go Pro

Bake your own gingerbread and download a template. Plan out where you want to cut your windows and doors.
Cut the windows and door out and remove the dough OR leave the pieces in there and pop them out when the cookie comes out of the oven. The gingerbread will hold its shape better this way.

Don’t forget to decorate your board, add a pathway, fencing, people, or use upside down ice cream cones to decorate as trees!



The Perfect Gingerbread House

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