Tea with Tracie’s ‘Spiked London Fog’

Tea with Tracie’s ‘Spiked London Fog’

Calling all tea lovers! We've all enjoyed a classic London Fog - but have you ever had one spiked? This simple recipe from Oakville's own Tea with Tracie (a luxury tea company founded by tea sommelier Tracie Michaud) is perfect for afternoon tea with a friend! Pair it with our Spiced Almonds recipe for the ultimate treat. 



∙ 1 - Earl Grey tea bag
∙ 1 oz - favourite spirit
(gin, whisky or brandy)
∙ 1 tsp - sugar
∙ ½ tsp - pure vanilla
∙ ½ cup - milk



  1. In 6-8 oz serving cup, steep tea bag for 3-5 minutes using boiling water.
  2. Heat milk (microwave or stovetop), and whisk until frothy.
  3. Remove tea bag, stir in spirit, sugar and vanilla.
  4. Pour frothy milk over tea and enjoy!




Tea with Tracie’s ‘Spiked London Fog’

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