National Craft Exhibition at Burlington Art Gallery

Biennial Craft at Art Gallery of Burlington

Bringing together more than sixty makers from across Canada, Can Craft? Craft Can! will present works in glass, ceramics, wood, metal, and fibre that address three sub themes exploring ideas of Identity, Sustainability and Materiality.

The National Craft Exhibition is on now until October 29, 2017 at the Art Gallery of Burlington.


National Craft Exhibition: Can Craft? Craft Can!
August 19-October 29, 2017
Bringing together seventy makers from across Canada, Can Craft? Craft Can! will present works in glass, ceramics, wood, metal and fibre that address three sub-themes exploring ideas of Identity, Sustainability and Materiality.

Craft Ontario Provincial Exhibition: Nothing is Newer than Tradition
August 19-October 29, 2017
Craft Ontario’s Nothing is Newer than Tradition will present the work of emerging Ontario makers that reflect a dedicated engagement with specialized skills and materials. The exhibition will explore how craft materials, tools and processes are creatively reiterated through the hands of a new generation of makers.

AGB Provincial Exhibition – Setting Ontario’s Table: Once Upon a Time
August 19-December 31, 2017
Drawing from the Art Gallery of Burlington’s Permanent Collection of Contemporary Canadian Ceramics, Once Upon a Time will present a special exhibition exploring functional ware from Ontario ceramists. Each artist selected will be represented through both a piece from their early years, juxtaposed against a recent work to explore the progression in their practice.

International Ceramic Exhibition – Anton Reijnders
September 9-October 29, 2017
Dutch ceramist Anton Reijnders will present his new work in a solo exhibition. Anton Reijnders graduated at the Fine Art Academy in Hertogenbosh in 1981. He participated in exhibitions throughout the world and contributed to conferences and symposia and has given lectures in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. He has contributed to the creation of what in 1991 was to become the European Ceramic Work Center (EKWC)—Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. As head of studios and workshops of the EKWC Reijnders was involved in dialogue with artists from all over the world. He was the driving force behind setting up the material research program and is the author of the book The Ceramic Process jointly with the EKWC published by A&C Black in London, and Pennsylvania Press in the USA. He has been three times visiting professor in the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

craft biennial logoCan Craft? Craft Can! includes the work of:

  • Pierre Aupilardjuk
  • Carole Baillargeon
  • Louise Lemieux Bérubé
  • Beth Biggs
  • Robert Brown
  • Teresa Burrows
  • Karen Cantine
  • Bridget Catchpole
  • Kai Chan
  • Janice Wright Cheney
  • Brigitte Clavette
  • Jess Riva Cooper
  • Brad Copping
  • Marie-Andrée Côté
  • Gabrielle Desmarais
  • Brothers Dressler
  • Robin DuPont
  • Susan Edgerley
  • Michael Flaherty
  • Reid Flock
  • Pascale Girardin
  • Matt Gould
  • Igah Hainnu
  • Barb Hunt
  • Elisapee Ishulutaq
  • Jean Kagyut
  • Kawtysie Kakee
  • Benjamin Kikkert
  • Catherine Kiliktee
  • Elsie Klengenberg
  • Sandra Ledingham
  • Lou Lynn
  • Janet Macpherson
  • Michael Massie
  • Bettina Matzkuhn
  • Paul McClure
  • Caroline Ouellette
  • Greg Payce
  • Luce Pelletier
  • Gord Peteran
  • Claudio Pino
  • Anne Drew Potter
  • Elizabeth Quiningnaaq
  • Shona Rae
  • Pamela Ritchie
  • Ruth Scheuing
  • Amir Sheikhvand
  • Wendy Shirran
  • Eva Siakuluk
  • Greg Sims
  • Anita Singh
  • Cheryl Wilson Smith
  • EartHand Gleaners Society
  • Despo Sophocleous
  • Susan Surette
  • Winnie Tatya
  • Ningeokuluk Teevee
  • Yvonne Thomas
  • Barbara Tipton
  • Anna Torma
  • Annie Tung
  • Jessica Vellenga
  • Angelika Werth
  • Zane Wilcox

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