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Trendy Removable Wallpapers

We’ve been witnessing the re-incarnation of wallpaper for a few years now. Simply put, these are not the wallpapers of decades ago, but instead are wall coverings that breathe life into our spaces. From bold geometrics to vintage floral, with opulent metallic finishes or the natural uncomplicated look of grass cloth, we just can’t get enough of the design power of wallpaper.

Adding wallpaper to a space has the capability of delivering a large impact which simply goes beyond that of paint. A few rolls can transform and define your space in such dramatic and luxurious ways. Whether your room is large or small, wallpaper can instantly set a style, make a bold statement or add character and personality to an otherwise basic design. Don’t underestimate the power of wall coverings. Including it in your décor scheme can change a vastly spacious room by making it feel more intimate and cozy, just the same way a bold and busy pattern can transform a small room in your home to a charming and dynamic space. Crisp vertical stripes can be a clever solution to a room with low ceilings, and if you install your stripes horizontally, you can trick the eye and make the room appear broader and more spacious. Large patterns such as damasks and florals can be the perfect answer to camouflaging irregularities in your wall. 

Trendy Removable Wallpapers

When you’re overhauling a room, regardless of the scale, designers are ideal sources of inspiration since they have easy access to the latest look books and they know what’s trending. Tori Brock, owner and accredited interior designer of Fairhome Interiors in Burlington, says the geometric trend has also caught her eye, as have the “beautiful and colourful botanicals and the softer visuals that look like a watercolour painting.”

There are so many options to consider when looking to “paper” your walls. Murals are finding new life, and we’ve been hearing a lot of hype about “peel and stick” papers as opposed to traditional wallpaper. This is a great option for those of us that are a bit “commitment phobic”. NuWallpaper has a pretty impressive line of removable designs and they claim that it “goes up in minutes and comes down in seconds”. Brewster, Graham & Brown, and York Designs also have some fabulous options, and Ruth Baker Design manufactures their product right here in Ontario. All of these companies create high-end custom printed paper murals and wallpapers that are simple to install, and not only can peel off your walls with relative ease, but are also re-usable.

Moving the indoors out, they can also print on materials that can be used outside for privacy screening or backdrops for special events – what a great way to add personality to your outdoors!

Trendy Removable Wallpapers

Become inspired with your walls and give them a burst of colour and texture. Remember, today’s wallpaper trends are about adding a “wow” factor to your space, so be selective about the walls or rooms you wish to highlight and make a statement with what you select. With the abundance of options available to us today, the only limitation is your creativity – and the amount of wall space you have available.   

by Linda Mazur

Linda Mazur is a nationally recognized designer and Principal of Linda Mazur Design Group, known for creating relaxed stylish spaces and full-scale design builds in the Greater Toronto Area. lindamazurdesign.com

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