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The Cornerstone Pilates

Meet Jocelyne Pelchat of The Cornerstone Pilates in Burlington.

What was the inspiration behind The Cornerstone Pilates?

JP  I come from a 15-year career in the Apparel Industry. 2012 was a pivotal point for me where I realized I wanted to do something else with my life. I used to do Pilates every morning without missing a beat, just like brushing my teeth. One morning, while I was doing Pilates, I thought to myself “why would I not do the one thing I do every single day for a living?” It makes me happy. On my return home, I registered for my fi rst Mat Pilates teacher training. Fast forward 5 years later, I opened my fi rst brick and mortar location in Burlington which focuses on the power of movement in our every day lives.

What types of services do you offer at The Cornerstone Pilates?

JP  We offer group classes and private sessions; solos, duets and trios. We have a variety of reformer, springboard, mat and ELDOA classes to choose from every day of the week. We also offer reflexology as we believe healthy moving bodies start at the roots of our tree.

What’s your favourite part about the business?

JP  Our clients. Seeing them smile every day, seeing their progress and witnessing for ourselves how the miracle of movement can help enrich their lives.

Can you tell us a bit about Pilates and who can benefit from it?

JP  At The Cornerstone Pilates, we teach movement, not exercise and Pilates truly is for everyone. We have clients that come to us from different backgrounds and for various different reasons. From a 25 year old man to an 85 year young woman, not everyone needs the same care, the same level of attention so we aim to get to know our clients, their movement patterns, but mostly their goals. Many belief systems think that when there is pain, there should be rest, we believe that moving in the proper way is most beneficial for the joints, for the muscles and for the brain. Exercise doesn’t need to be painful or aggressive. We just need to learn to move better in order to help us do the daily things we do more efficiently. We’d love to have you come visit the studio and find out if Pilates is exactly what you’ve been missing.

Visit Cornerstone Pilates

5-4170 Fairview St, Burlington
(905) 631-8352

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