Our Coffee Shop and Café List 2019 – The Best of Hamilton

If you can’t start your day without visiting your local café for a cup of coffee (or almond milk latte) you’re not alone. We have so many great cafés in Oakville and Burlington, but there’s also so many to explore in the surrounding area – and all of them offer something a little different. So why not switch up your routine and check out one of these Hamilton coffee shops? Hamilton has a thriving, unique café and coffee scene, that is sure to ‘perk’ up your day. Whether you’re looking for a new place to meet and catch up with friends, or interested in trying various locally roasted beans, Hamilton has got you covered. Here are some of our favourite independent cafés and coffee shops.

Redchurch Café

68 King Street East | Website

Redchurch Café provides a unique setting for its customers, located on the ground floor of a classic Hamilton building. And, unlike other cafés in the area, Redchurch is an art, coffee, prosecco, and beer café. The café is in partnership with The Assembly Gallery, an artist-run contemporary art co-op. There is always a curated art exhibition within the shop, and they also hold regular art events. It is a perfect spot to hang out and grab some beverages with friends, as you can check out the featured art exhibit at the same time.

Mulberry Street Coffeehouse

193 James Street North | Website

Mulberry Street Coffeehouse provides the Hamilton community with high-quality coffee, mouth-watering baked goods, and a truly unique atmosphere. The building was originally built in 1887 and was converted into a hotel lobby and bar in 1906. In order to keep the history of the building alive, they have maintained the original medallion ceilings. As for their coffee, they only serve fair trade, organic, bird-friendly beverages.  

Salty Espresso

175 John Street South | Website

This Australian inspired café should be on your radar. Salty Espresso provides simple and fresh food to the Hamilton community, as well as offering a beautiful beach-inspired atmosphere that makes it feel like summer. They proudly serve 49th Parallel coffee and tea from Vancouver, who work directly with the farmers who source their beans.

Steel Town Garage Co.

8 Barton Street East | Website

Steel Town Garage Co. is one of a kind in Hamilton. This coffee shop is more than ordinary, as it is also a lifestyle brand and shopping experience. The shop designs its own premium apparel, in addition to serving up amazing specialty coffees and espresso. The shop prides itself on its lack of conformity, providing an atmosphere with loud music and good conversation, perfect for the free spirits out there.

Durand Coffee

142 Charlton Avenue West | Website

Durand Coffee has been around since 2016. The small shop named after the neighbourhood in which it resides was established by Christine Larabie and Chris Redmond. They pride themselves on their quality brewed coffee and offer a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. This coffee shop is located in a converted house and is frequented by the members of the Durand Neighbourhood.


202 Locke Street South | Website

Democracy* is a local ingredient inspired café that is sure to satisfy anyone who walks through their doors. The café makes sure it emphasizes the importance of community in their shop through its inviting atmosphere. They specialize in everything from breakfast to fresh baked goods and scrumptious coffee. Democracy* also proudly features an array of vegan and vegetarian options so anyone can enjoy!

Vintage Coffee Roasters

977 King Street East | Website

Vintage Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roastery that provides delicious bold coffee, transparent with where they source their beans, and accessible for everyone. They provide a sense of community within their shop and surrounding community, striving to make positive contributions to Hamilton’s artistic culture. Their café is where they showcase their coffees that they roast fresh every week. Each coffee has its own unique flavour profile, allowing the shop to have a diverse array of coffee to choose from.

Café Oranje

312 King Street East | Website

Café Oranje can be found within Hamilton’s International Village. The café offers locally sourced baked goods that you can enjoy with one of their espresso-based drinks. Café Oranje offers a warm Euro-styled atmosphere that is perfect for anyone to enjoy. While you’re there, make sure to give one of their Dutch treats a try as well!

Smalls Coffee

8 Cannon Street East | Website

Smalls coffee is a petit, all-white, coffee take away spot tucked away from James Street North. The small coffee shop provides artisanal coffee and delectable pastries. The shop sources their coffee beans from Ontario micro-roasters such as Detour and De Mello Palheta.

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Article Written by Ashley Stefureak

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