CLASSY COVERS: Tips for selecting window coverings for your home

There are few things more welcoming in spring than waking up to sunny skies after a long, dark Canadian winter. But as the sun peeks through your window ever earlier, you’d be forgiven for wishing you had darker shades to catch a few extra ZZZZZs. It’s one of many reasons you may consider updating the window coverings in your home. Snooze strategies aside, the right window covering can refresh a room’s decor, offer privacy and help manage a home’s temperature. 

“Window coverings are instantly noticeable in a room,” says Sarah Love of PM Wyre in Burlington. “Older curtains and blinds can make homes look dated and old-fashioned. New window coverings can modernize a more traditional home or soften the look of a modern home.” 

If you’re in the market to replace those circa 1980s vertical blinds, there are plenty of styles and automation options to match your personal taste. When selecting the right window covering, Love suggests that several factors

should be taken into account, including light control, privacy, room function, desired aesthetic and energy efficiency.

“In rooms with beautiful views and expansive windows, select window coverings that maximize the view while controlling the natural light,” says Love. If it’s for a bathroom, privacy takes precedence and blinds should be made of materials that can handle the room’s extra moisture and heat, advises Love.  

Today’s trends lean toward automated roller shades in lieu of those dated vertical blinds – once the go-to solution for condominiums and patio doors. While there are hundreds of fabrics to choose from, materials made with natural fibres and organic textures, as well as neutral colours are most popular, according to Love. 

Remember those strings and chains to adjust your blinds? Today’s automation does away with them, making today’s window covering easier to use, safer for kids and in tune with your home’s lighting and climate needs. Just about any window covering can be automated, says Love. “We can set them on a schedule based on the sun’s position, and then forget about them. They’re just always in the right position!”

Window coverings are an important investment in your home that can last many years, so relying on a professional for guidance is key. Love finds it best to visit the client’s space in order to determine their needs and the technical aspects of the installation. 

With the return of warm sunny days, now may be an ideal time to revisit your blinds and curtains. The right window coverings are an easy way to refresh your space and help optimize the comfort in your home.  


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