SPLISH SPLASH – Backyard Waterworks

There are two kinds of people in the summer: people with a pool and people who look to befriend people with a pool…due to the high demand for pool installations and a multi-year waitlist (thanks, pandemic), you may be the latter. But fear not. Whether you have a pool, are waiting on a pool, or have nothing more than a garden hose – there are tons of ways to play in the water all summer long.

If you have a pool…
Can we come over? Kidding. Kind of
If you have a pool, the chances are you at least have a pool noodle or two. But there are so many other… dare we say “#trending” ways you can lounge this summer. Like, the Instagram-worthy giant ride-on swan and flamingo, available at Pioneer Family Pools. Or, if you like to be more active in the pool, there are basketball nets, drive rings, and goggles available. Pool toys and accessories from inflatables, games, and even drink holders, are the perfect way to splash the day away.

If you don’t have a pool…
…But you have some unused space in the yard, you can actually install an above-ground pool fairly easily. 
Resin or steel pools are ultra-durable, long-lasting, and easy to assemble (not to mention, NOT permanent). They come in different sizes, heights, and shapes, and usually come as a kit including jets and skimmers. The great thing is you can set up these pools and leave them up – or if you happen to move or want to relocate the pool, you can simply disassemble it. These pools are available at places like Pioneer Pools, Discounter’s Pool and Spa Warehouse in Barrie and Dynasty Pools and Spa in Orillia.

Even easier, you can purchase a quick set ring pool at your local Home Hardware. These pools usually cost anywhere from $90-$150 – they’re larger than a traditional inflatable pool, are semi-inflatable and, above ground. Ring pools still require maintenance such as chlorine checks and require a pump, but overall, they are more affordable and easier to maintain.

If you don’t have room for a pool…
There are still tons of fun ways to splash in your yard! Jack and Maddy a Kids’ Store, located in Orillia, carries a new take on the traditional sprinkler – large, inflatable, perfect-for-all ages sprinklers! Run through the tire run sprinkler or under the rainbow or splash on a starfish sprinkler splash pad. Lots of ways to keep cool.

Now, with all these options for wet and wild fun – do you really need a friend with a pool?


Pioneer Family Pools, Barrie

Jack & Maddy A Kids’ Store, Orillia

Dynasty Pools & Spas, Orillia

Discounter’s Pool and Spa Warehouse, Barrie

Home Hardware

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