Becky’s Colombian Coffee & Other Delights

Lechona Latin dish

Much like finding a new favourite store, discovering an interesting new place to eat in an otherwise unassuming location is pretty rewarding. We stopped in at Becky’s for an impromptu lunch. Before ordering at the counter, we had all of the dishes and ingredients explained.

We sampled the Bunuelo while we figured out what to order, deciding on the Lechona, which was the daily special.

Bunuelo - fried cheese ball.
Bunuelo – fried cheese ball.

Lechona is rice with shredded pork and peas with a corn patty and crispy chicharron (fried pork crackling). Owner, Cristina Rueda admits jokingly that  it’s not ‘health food’. That’s OK, it  definitely tastes good.

Some of their other specialties include Patacon (plantain with shredded meat, cheese and sauce), Empenadas, Arepa, (corn patties with shredded beef, pork rinds, guacamole, cheese and sauce) and, of course, churros.

There are a handful of tables for sit down eating. It’s brightly lit and has a modern, rustic feel. There are also some Latin grocery items available. A full menu of espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, latte and other hot beverages are also available.

2152 Mountain Grove Ave., Burlington
Tel: 289.288.1631

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