Meet The Chef – Kamoosh Bistro

Kamoosh Bistro

Meet Koosh Kahnamoui and Stephen Sankar of Kamoosh Bistro in Waterdown.

You’ve travelled a lot, did you pick up any culinary inspiration abroad?

After working in 2 fabulous restaurants – Hôtel Le Germain and La Société – in Toronto while my girlfriend Kira was finishing her University degree, we decided to take the opportunity to travel.

I was fortunate to explore and learn new culinary techniques and flavour profiles travelling through 8 countries in Asia.

Settling in Australia for over a year, as Chef de Partie in a small bistro in Perth I experienced a passion for scratch cooking with fresh local produce, seafood and meats.  We drove across Australia and I grew my love for Italian cuisine as a Sous Chef in a creative Italian Restaurant on the East Coast.

What brought you back to Waterdown?

Cutting our travel short, I was privileged to spend quality time with my grandmother in her remaining months.

I was excited to learn that in my absence Kamoosh Bistro had been created and I could learn and expand my culinary journey with a restaurant that focused on my own belief of fresh, made from scratch, quality ingredients.

Remaining near my family and hometown of Waterdown was a wonderful added bonus.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Inspiration comes on a daily basis, whether it’s from different cultures, smells, sights – we infuse that inspiration into classic italian recipes. Our mantra has always been that food should have balanced flavours – and simple food tastes best.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We work with local farms and source special ingredients, like aged balsamic or Parmigiano-Reggiano, directly from Italy. We make absolutely everything in-house. You can tell that it’s been made from scratch.

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34 Main St N, Waterdown

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